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  1. samuel

    Great work drew, web comics haven’t been the same since nodwicks disappearance.

  2. Me

    Awesome to see all the comics up on the site again. Much love.

    However http://comic.nodwick.com/ probably shouldn’t lead directly to the last one. Maybe to the first one? Or some sort of index page? Just a friendly thought. <3

    • Amy

      It would be, yes. But there are still some chunks missing from the archive. Offhand, I remember a storyline with a time-traveller who used to live in Krutzing Hollow, and one (I think it was the same one) where Count Repugsive turned out to be a woman. That whole story is missing. So is the first half of the Statue of Limitations story, and I can remember at least two one-off strips that are missing as well. As far as I can tell, the print comics are fine — the problems are just with the “Webcomic Saga”. Does anyone know whether Aaron has any plans to fix this, or if those strips have been lost somehow?

  3. Rock

    As endings go, I like it. Things are really looking up for Nodwick, and there is hope for the future. 🙂

  4. Christine

    Just found this comic, I love it! Does anyone know if it is possible to buy it in paper format? All I can find online are used copies at Amazon.

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